What Is Cauliflower Steak?

what is cauliflower steak?

Cauliflower has entered the steakhouse. No, not as a side dish or even as a vegetable substitute for vegetarians, but rather as an entire cut that’s prepared like it is no different from any other piece of meat.

It’s called cauliflower “steak.” But what is cauliflower steak?

We’ve all seen versions of this veggie served in restaurants, with one half of the cauliflower boasting a dark brown crust and the other half pale in comparison.

It’s served with sauce on top or alongside it, as you would do to any type of steak.

For some time now, chefs have worked hard to create meat substitutes that look exactly like what they are trying to imitate.

From beet steaks to vegan pulled pork, chefs are trying to prove that meatless versions of favorite dishes taste just as good – if not better than the traditional menu items.

Let’s take a closer look…

What Exactly Is Cauliflower Steak?

Cauliflower steak is an alternative to other carbohydrate-heavy cuts of meat that are traditionally used as the main ingredient for a meal.

The process involves cutting out individual florets from one large head of cauliflower, seasoning it with salt and pepper, then cooking it over very high heat until golden brown on each side.

If you’ve ever roasted cauliflower, you’re probably familiar with the method.

Cauliflower steaks are just a larger version of that same idea.

The result is something that looks similar to beef steak but has an entirely different taste.

Why? Well, because cauliflower doesn’t have much flavor to it at all – which makes it very receptive to whatever seasoning you choose to use.

In fact, cauliflower is a blank slate with plenty of room to be manipulated into whatever cut you’d like.

You can also treat it just like a normal cut of meat would be treated, with the only real difference being that most people will go light on the salt and pepper when compared to other cuts.

How Is Cauliflower Steak Best Cooked?

When it comes to cooking Cauliflower steak, it’s best to cook it on a very hot grill or frying pan.

In the same way you would cook any other steak, place your cauliflower steak directly onto a lightly oiled surface and let it cook for several minutes before flipping over.

You will know that the meat is done when both sides have developed a dark brown crust.

It’s relatively easy to cook and just requires a little bit of time to get it right.

How Is Cauliflower Steak Best Prepared?

There are 2 things you should do to ensure that your cauliflower steak is prepared correctly.

  1. Make sure that your entire cut of cauliflower steaks is browned on each side before removing them from the pan or grill.
  2. Apply sauce evenly across both sides, making sure it covers all parts of the florets.

Some people prefer to eat this meat on its own and others like it with a side of vegetables or potato wedges.

And if you can’t eat cauliflower steak by itself, try pairing it with fancy sauces and seasonings, such as horseradish crust.

It’s a great way to add pizazz to your everyday meal.

Ensure that you season the dish properly because if you don’t, it will come out bland and flavorless.

To get the right consistency when cooking, make sure to use a griddle or frying pan with raised edges around the edge – this way excess oil can easily be drained off.

How Is Cauliflower Steak Best Served?

Serving Cauliflower steak is just the same as serving any other steak.

In fact, it’s so similar that you can use all of your current steak recipes with this alternative and it will still turn out great!

Consider topping your cauliflower steak with some sauces like garlic butter or white wine sauce.

You could also stuff it with many different types of fruits and vegetables to give it a little pizazz and variety.

Give your cauliflower steaks a try and see how they compare to other steak recipes you’ve tried in the past.

Try pairing Cauliflower steak with fruit to make it a little more interesting.

How Expensive Is Cauliflower Steak?

The price of Cauliflower steak varies depending on where you get it – but what is certain is that it’s cheaper than getting a whole cut of beef.

You can buy cauliflower online in the United States for around $1.50 USD per head – which means that you have to get 3 heads in order to get enough steaks to feed 1 person for one meal.

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly version of steak, Cauliflower is the way to go!

It’s much cheaper than meat cuts such as Filet, Sirloin, and T-bone and can be incredibly tasty too.

It’s not the cheapest vegetable in the world but it’s still affordable enough to warrant a try.

Where Is Cauliflower Steak Commonly Found?

Cauliflower steak is most commonly found at vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

If you’re wanting to try out this alternative cut of meat, then we recommend checking your local vegetarian restaurant for some inspiration and ideas!

It’s also relatively common in grocery stores and specialty shops that sell vegetables and fruit – but if you want a good price on it, we would advise shopping online instead.

It can be found in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

What Is The Nutritional Value Of Cauliflower Steak?

It’s always good practice to keep in mind the nutritional value of whatever steak you are eating.

This is because it’s easy to indulge in steak meals without knowing the adverse effects it may have on your body.

The nutritional value of cauliflower steak is not very high compared to other vegetables, but there are some benefits you will receive if you eat it.

Cauliflower steaks contain Iron and Vitamin C, which can help with things such as improving your immune system and strengthening your bones.

They also contain Vitamin K, which is important for blood clotting and bone health.

Below is the nutritional value based on one serving of Cauliflower steak:

  • Calories = 100
  • Fat = 4g
  • Saturated Fat = 0g
  • Carbohydrates = 11g
  • Sugars = 0g
  • Protein = 4g

As you can see this is a very lightweight meal with only 100 calories. So if you are looking to lose weight or want to maintain your current weight, it’s a good idea to eat this as an alternative meal.

You may also see that cauliflower contains anti-inflammatory properties, which is great for those who have joint pain.

It’s not a meal that is packed full of protein or fat like other steak cuts, but it’s still a healthy alternative.

You will also not feel as full as you would with other steak recipes, so it’s a great meal if you want to keep your calorie count low.

Other Considerations

Keep in mind that Cauliflower steak does not contain a whole lot of protein or fat – but what it lacks in those areas, it makes up for in other ways.

It’s very easy to digest and won’t take as long as other meats to leave your stomach.

This can be great if you have a busy day coming up.

Also keep in mind that cooking cauliflower steak can be tricky – if you don’t cook it long enough, the cauliflower will be raw and uncooked.

It should have a little bite to it, but it shouldn’t still be crunchy.

This is why we recommend using a thermometer to ensure that your food reaches the right temperature.

There’s also a lot of information out there about trying to make cauliflower steak taste like other meats.

However, you should not get too carried away with this – Cauliflower is meant to be different and it can make a nice change from standard food choices.

For example, many people use sauces or spices on their steak – so why shouldn’t you do the same with Cauliflower steak?

It’s more about trying new flavors and tastes rather than copying what everyone else does.

For example, you may enjoy it on its own or with some spices – but why not try adding sauces too?


As a whole Cauliflower steak is a very healthy alternative to traditional steak cuts.

However, the taste and texture can be hard to get used to – so you may want to try it with different sauces for best results!

Cauliflower steak is also a cheaper alternative to other cuts, making it more wallet-friendly.

It can be found in some grocery stores and specialty shops, but if you have a local vegetarian restaurant then you should check there first!

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and we hope you found it useful! Good luck with your next Cauliflower steak meal!

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