How Long Can Cooked Steak Stay In The Fridge?

how long can cooked steak stay in the fridge

Keeping cooked steak in the fridge can seem concerning to many, how will you know if it’s safe to eat? Will the steak go off? How long can it stay there?

Don’t worry. In this post we answer a question we are regularly asked here, how long can cooked steak stay in the fridge?

Let’s find out…

Why You May Want Your Cooked Steak In The Fridge

Cooking your steak and storing it for later is actually very common, and it’s done for lots of reasons.

Below I’ve listed some of the main reasons why you might find yourself with cooked steak in the fridge.


In today’s modern world, many of us lead busy lives, and we don’t all have time to cook up a healthy, nutritious meal.

For these sorts of occasions, it’s super convenient to buy your steak pre-cooked and store it.

You can then take the baked or steamed steak out of the fridge and pop it in a microwave for a minute or two (depending on the amount you want to heat up), and hey presto! You’ve got yourself a nice tasty meal for lunch! Super handy, and convenient!


Another big reason why you may find yourself with cooked steak in the fridge is a lack of time to cook.

If this is the case, you may find that it’s easier to bulk cook your meals, as many bodybuilders do.

Cooking all of your meals on a Sunday for the week ahead can be a great idea, as all you need to do is microwave the meals, and you are good to go!


There’s nothing quite like finding some leftovers of a meal in the fridge and heating it up for your next meal.

It may not be as convenient as tasty as a fresh, juicy steak, but you’ll still get that warm feeling inside knowing that you’ve saved yourself the hassle of cooking another meal!

How Long Can It Stay There?

So how long can cooked steak stay in the fridge? Well, as long as you have cooked it recently, you have nothing to worry about.

A cooked steak will last around 4 days in the fridge when stored correctly in a sealed container or wrapped in foil.

In fact, if stored correctly, steak can be left in the fridge for up to a week!

You may need to change the wrapping around it, but there is no risk of this food going off until after a few days.

Steak keeps well in the fridge, meaning it’s the perfect thing to have for a quick meal.

It’s great for those that like to meal prep and ensure they have a healthy meal for lunchtime at work the following week.

How To Preserve Cooked Steak In The Fridge

There are some techniques you can use to preserve your cooked steak in the fridge to ensure that it doesn’t go off sooner than you would like.

The first tip is to wrap the steak up, ensuring it is well wrapped.

You can use cling film or aluminium foil to wrap the steak up and ensure no air gets in, which can make it go off quicker.

Also, ensure you keep the cooked steak at the back of your fridge where it’s coldest.

If anything, do not place it on a shelf that has raw meat on it as this may contaminate the cooked steak.

If you are not planning on eating your steak for a while it is advisable to keep the leftovers in large portions rather than trying to cut it up and put it in smaller containers where it could get exposed to the air.

If the build-up of bacteria cannot be controlled, this may result in food poisoning or illness that can lead to hospitalization.

It is also advisable to check for its smell, color, and consistency before consumption.

If it has changed significantly during this time it is advised not to eat it.

When eating out at restaurants it is also important to pay attention to how long they have kept their food out, as it could be the reason for an upset stomach after your meal.

Our bodies are able to tolerate certain levels of bacteria that can cause illness for a few hours or even days but if the contamination is too much then you will need to take drastic measures.

However, in most cases, you should always be able to tell if your food is still good by its smell, appearance, and taste.

The storage time of cooked steak varies greatly depending on the type of cut you use, how it was prepared (marinated or not), and if there are any leftovers. If you plan on using the meat in future dishes rather than freezing

Signs That It’s Time To Throw It Out

As mentioned above, there are some signs that you’ll need to look out for to ensure that your steak is still good enough to eat.


If you open your fridge and are about to pull out your steak but notice a stench that is incredibly strong, then this is a sure sign your steak belongs in the bin.

If you open your fridge and the smell of steak fills your nostrils, it means that it has become rotten or spoiled.

If there isn’t one distinct smell to the meat but rather a general unpleasant scent, then this also means that it has gone bad.


The next step is to look at the appearance of the steak, which is simply done by opening the wrapping or container that it’s stored in.

If your steak is bad, you’ll see that it has a slimy or jelly-like appearance.

If your steak is good, it will look like the raw piece of meat that you bought as opposed to looking slimy or jelly-like.

If unsure, you can take a small portion and cook it in order to see if the steak has gone bad.


If the steak doesn’t show any of the above signs, but you still have suspicions. Try cooking a small part of the steak and give it a taste.

If the steak tastes bad or sour, then it’s time to throw it away.

The meat has a rancid smell and taste.

If the steak tastes fine to you but looks bad, cook it before tasting it. Sometimes smells can fool your senses of what something tastes like.

Often if the steak is bad you’ll be able to tell immediately by the above signs, but certainly, when you taste it you’ll notice that it’s definitely off.

I don’t like to take any chances with steak, as I’ve had food poisoning before and I really don’t want it again.

If you suspect that your steak is off, don’t take any chances and cut your losses. It’s not worth making yourself or your family members sick.

Other Considerations

It’s worth keeping in mind that cooked steak in the fridge is absolutely fine to eat if it’s only been in there a couple of days.

If you want to be absolutely sure, the cooker label should have a date on it. If it doesn’t, check with your store if they can tell you when it was slaughtered so that you know how long you have before eating is ill-advised.

As a rough guide though, if I’ve cooked steak and put it in the fridge to store I don’t check it again until at least three days later.

But keep an eye on it and cook it as soon as you notice any change to the color, smell, or texture of the meat. Because who wants to poison themselves?

Storing cooked steak in a fridge can be a great way to minimize wastage, whether that is through preparing too much food or forgetting to eat it in time.

The risks of not storing cooked steak correctly are that the meat could go bad before it’s eaten, due to bacteria growth.

Remember, don’t take any chance if you suspect the steak is bad. It’s not worth it, even if you have expensive steak!


As a whole, keeping cooked steak in the fridge is something we shouldn’t fear, especially if we’ve stored it correctly.

The main thing to look out for in order to have full confidence in the meat is proper hygiene.

Cooked steak can be stored in a fridge with no problems, as long as it’s not left in there too long.

It will stay fresh for around 3-5 days inside normal fridge temperatures, but if you’re storing it at lower temperatures it may stay fresh for longer.

If you’re cooking and storing steak for later, you should always make sure it’s done properly and doesn’t contain any bacteria that may grow over time.

Hopefully, this post has answered your question and you now know how long can cooked steak stay in the fridge.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and feel free to share it with someone who may find it valuable.

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