Why Do Chefs Put Butter On Steak?

why do chefs put butter on steak

If you’ve ever been to a fancy steak restaurant, you’ll have likely noticed that more often than not the chef will put butter on top of the steak.

In this post we answer, why do chefs put butter on steak?

It can seem a little strange as a treatment, but it’s actually perfectly normal.

Butter has a low burning point, so you can cook with it at relatively high temperatures before it starts to burn – unlike oil for example, which would break down at the same temperature.

This is great news for steak lovers! The butter will melt and seep into the meat of the steak making it much juicer and tastier.

Let’s take a closer look at why chefs put butter on steak…

Extra Flavor & Tenderness

Adding butter to your steak after it’s cooked is a great way to add extra flavor.

The fatty butter seeps into the meat, making it delicious and tender.

A healthy option butter is actually a great option when cooking steak!

As the butter melts, it reduces to a liquid that can be poured off easily. This leaves behind only trace elements of saturated fat within the steak – so you will be eating a steak that is rich in flavor, but lower in fat.

Pour it on! Don’t just add a pat of butter to your steak – pour it all over.

The more, the better! (that is if you like butter)

This makes the steak much more juicy and tender too, enhancing the flavor and making it taste incredible.

This is often why you pay a premium in fancy restaurants for such a steak as it takes skill to make the steak properly.

More On Steak Butter

Steak butter is not only a great way of enhancing the flavor and richness of your steak, but it is also a great way to make a cheaper cut of steak taste incredible.

The butter melts as you cook the steak and it seeps down into the meat making it incredibly succulent, tender, and juicy.

This is because as well as adding flavor, fat also helps break down tough fibers in meat as you cook it.

Using a good quality steak butter on your cheaper steaks will make the meat much more tender and taste a lot better than without the butter.

This is why many bodybuilders and those looking to build muscle and are fond of steak butter, as they can seriously enhance the taste of cheap steaks.

Another great reason to use steak butter is to wow your family members and guest, it shows you really know your stuff and you’re prepared to go the extra mile to make an incredible tasting steak.

The important thing is to use the right kind of butter, not margarine or anything like that.

A good quality steak butter will make your meal taste better and more importantly help you achieve a better result for your efforts when cooking it.

Use Butter For A Topping, Not To Cook With

Cooking Steak with butter is really not a good idea! Don’t be tempted to try and cook your Steak in butter as you will ruin the meat.

This can be a real problem if you have purchased some expensive steaks such as Filet or Sirloin.

It’s best to use oil to cook your Steak in, this is because butter has a low smoke point and will burn, creating unpleasant-tasting burnt butter.

You can still add butter at the end and this will give your Steak a great flavor and texture alongside making it look marbled and pretty which is perfect if you are cooking your steak for guests or on that special occasion.

The Chef’s Secret Butter Ingredient

Butter is somewhat of a secret ingredient when it comes to steak.

This is because it not only helps to create a moist and tender steak, but the butter seeps into the meat as it cooks.

Some chefs even go as far as to use clarified butter which has no milk solids in it meaning that there are even more fatty acids left behind after cooking your steak.

Another reason why people like to add butter to their steak is that it helps to keep your steak warm.

Butter has a much lower melting point than other fats, so if you are looking for that perfectly cooked steak then adding some butter into the mix could be just the ticket.

Should You Put Butter On Steak Before Grilling?

When it comes to adding butter to your steak before grilling, I personally would not recommend it.

The reason being, any kind of butter you add before cooking will melt and run off your steak after coming into contact with the searing grill.

This is mostly true for high temperatures grilling like searing steak on a really hot pan or if you’re using gas to cook your steaks.

Adding butter to your steak before grilling will only give you a nice buttery crust on the exterior of your steak, but will not provide any additional juicy flavor.

When Should You Put Butter On Your Steak

The best time to add butter to your steak is after you’ve cooked it. This is because the heat from the steak will continue to cook the already melted butter.

Chefs add Steak butter to their steaks after cooking because it helps to moisturize their steak as it rests.

Not only this, but it adds flavor, helps the Steak stay nice and juicy, and also makes it tender.

Just make sure you don’t overdo it with the butter. A little bit goes a long way.

What Is It Called When You Put Butter On Steak?

The word for adding butter to steal is “Arroser”.

This means to baste your meat or fish with a liquid or fat, before or after cooking.

It’s a technique used for cooking meat, most notably Steak.

In French cuisine, they also use this technique, to flavor the food. They call it “Arrosage”.

What Is The Best Kind Of Putter To Put On Steak?

You don’t want to go dolloping any old kind of butter to your steak, as it won’t have the same effect.

The best kind of butter to put on Steak after it’s cooked is clarified butter. This will give it a glossier and more sumptuous look, while still keeping the flavors you want.

Some chefs choose to add chunks of butter if they feel like cooking something with a creamier texture.

There are many different types of butter you can add to your steak but the most common is clarified butter as it has the best effect.

Other Considerations

It is also worth considering that some people hate the idea of butter on steak because it can clash with their side dishes.

Some chefs add oil to butter and then use this mixture to cook steaks in, while others simply add chunks of butter that melt into the sauce after cooking.

Adding clarified butter to your steak will also increase the calories of your meal, so if you’re strict in trying to watch your figure then it may be best to avoid adding butter.

However, I highly recommend adding Steak butter to your steaks after cooking. The flavor and taste enhancement is incredible and in my opinion, it’s definitely worth the extra cals! Experiment to see what works best for you!

“Butter on steak? Ugh!”

The idea of adding butter to any meal sounds disgusting, but this is simply because most people don’t understand why chefs choose butter over other oils. 

A little bit of knowledge can go a long way in understanding the complexity behind it all.


As a whole, chefs add butter to their steak to enhance flavor, taste, and tenderness.

It’s the perfect topping, and in my opinion, definitely worth the extra calories.

Try it for yourself and see how you like it, but remember to allow your steak to rest before serving it to get the full effect.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and feel free to share it with someone who loves steak!

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