What Is Hache Steak?

what is hache steak

Have you heard the term hache steak being used recently and are not sure what it means?

If so, you’re in the right place, this post is going to answer, what is hache steak? To help you understand exactly what this term means.’

In a nutshell, hache-steak (pronounced “hawsheh”) is a meat dish that can be prepared several ways, but always involves chopping up an uncooked beef steak with the use of a hatchet to give it its name. Other names for hache-steak include chopper steak or mangled beef.

However, there is more to learn about hache steak…

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Where Does Hache Steak Come From?

Hache Steak comes from the French word hacher which means to chop.

The dish was created at the beginning of the twentieth century in New York City’s Bowery neighborhood, where local workers would gather for drinks and merriment after work. The hache-steak dish later found its way to diners across America.

While one can find hache steak in many restaurants and pubs, it is not unusual for an establishment to offer customers to prepare their own version of the dish.

Hache steak originates from the Norman region of France where it was first created by American servicemen stationed abroad.

Also called hachis Parmentier, its name comes from the French word hacher which means to chop.

This dish is similar to steak tartare, but with the addition of potatoes which makes it different from its more well-known counterpart.

As you can probably guess by now, hache steak is not a traditional English meal.

The dish was brought to England after WWII, however, it has become increasingly popular in today’s age of high quality, fast food restaurants.

How Is Hache Steak Prepared?

Hache Steak is prepared by removing the bone from a steak, flattening it out, seasoning it, and cooking it on a griddle.

Typically cooks will choose to top their hache steak with cheese or marinara sauce before serving.

If you go to a butcher shop in France, they will typically mince and mould the steak in front of you, giving you a real authentic experience.

There are various ways to prepare hache steak, however, it is most often served as a patty or meatball type dish that can be eaten on its own or with bread or other side dishes.

How Is Hache Steak Cooked?

Cooking hache steak can be done in many different ways, but the most common way is to cook it on a cast-iron skillet or griddle.

Traditionally, hache steak was cooked by pounding the meat with the bottom of a heavy pan until it flattened out.

It can also be cut up with an electric knife, but this actually takes away from the traditional hache steak experience for many people.

Cooking hache steak is relatively easy and simple, depending on the method you are using.

For the best results, use a cast-iron skillet so you can heat up the pan very hot before cooking your hache steak to get the perfect flavor and crispness that’s usually seen with this dish.

If you really want to get into traditional ways of making hache steak, then try out an old-fashioned meat tenderizer for the meat.

This will allow you to get the hache steak thin enough for most people’s tastes, but it may also leave some of the “gristle” if that’s what you are looking for.

If you use a cast-iron skillet, there are relatively few steps needed to make hache steak.

First, set the temperature to very hot before placing the steak into the pan.

Season your steak with salt and pepper, then cook it on each side for about 2 minutes (for medium-rare to rare).

If you like your hache steak well done, then set the heat to low and cook for an additional 6 minutes on each side.

This is all down to personal preference and largely depends on how much doneness you like your steak to be.

How to Eat Hache Steak

Hache Steak can be eaten on its own but is often served with side dishes like fries, potatoes, or pasta.

It is also common for people to serve hache steak with French-style bread or buns.

Another good option for eating hache steak is to serve it with mustard and garlic butter.

I personally like to cook my hache steaks and have them in a burger, with a French-style bread bun.

Oh, and don’t forget the glass of red wine! (if you’re that way inclined)

Where Is Hache Steak Most Commonly Found?

Hache steak is most commonly found in France where it is usually served as a simple dish.

Hache steak is rarely seen in the USA and only very rarely appears in Spain, Croatia, and Portugal where it is not widely used.

This steak has also been more recently found in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, but it is yet to become a popular meal there.

The origin of this steak has not been found widely in literature, however, it is likely that the usage of this cut of meat was very popular in France during the time when people would slaughter their own animals at home.

A cow would often be divided up into different sections so that the cow could provide the most meat.

The hindquarters of a cow are where you will find the Hache steak, which would be used to replace more expensive cuts of meat such as Mince or Rib Eye.

What Is The Nutritional Value Of Hache Steak?

At this point, you’re likely wondering if hache steak is good for you and what the nutritional value looks like.

If that’s the case, you’ll be glad to know that this steak is relatively good for you, it has a high protein content and a low-fat content.

In fact, it won’t be long before you’re wishing that this steak was on your plate every week!

Below is the typical nutritional value of 100g of Hache Steak:

  • Energy (kJ) = 662
  • Energy (kcal) = 158
  • Fat = 7.4g
  • Of which saturates = 3.3g
  • Carbohydrate = 4.9g
  • Of which sugars = 0.1g
  • Protein = 18g
  • Salt = 1.2g

As you can see, the macros and nutritional value of hache steak is pretty good. Making this steak one of the top choice for bodybuilders and those looking to pack on some muscle.

Other Considerations

It’s worth bearing in mind that hache steak is a primal cut of beef, which means that it could have been attached to the bone.

Hache Steak is a very lean cut of meat, which means that it can be cooked for a shorter amount of time than other cuts. This will mean fewer digestive problems – so well done to you!

Hache steak is one of the cheapest beef cuts available, and if bought in bulk could be a very cost-effective tasty meat.

The downside to this is that it can end up tough and chewy. So in order to avoid ruining your meal, it’s worth giving it a good marinating in yoghurt and spices.

Not only that, but hache steak can be a bit plain, so some people like to add herbs and spices such as coriander, paprika, and oregano.

Some of the most popular dishes involving hache steak include: burgers, stir fry’s and chilli con carne.


As a whole, hache steak is great meat that many of us are coming to enjoy and incorporate into our diet.

Great for a cheap and tasty meal, with a little more care and tenderness it can be greatly enjoyed!

Hache steak is relatively underappreciated when compared to other meats such as pork, beef, and lamb.

Hache Steak can be cooked in a variety of different ways. One method is to cook it on the grill or BBQ, but often hache steak is simply seared or fried for best results.

Around France hache steak is known as Steak Fumé, so if anyone asks you what hache steak is you can tell them it’s Steak Fumé.

Hache Steak is a type of minced beef, typically found in French cuisine.

Hopefully, this post has answered your question of what is hache steak? And you now know much more about this steak than you did previously.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and feel free to share it with someone who may find it of value.

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