Is Fillet Steak The Same As Filet Mignon?

is fillet steak the same as filet mignon

In the world of steaks, there are many different names for the same type of cut, which can become confusing at times.

The fillet steak and filet mignon are two of the most popular types of steak, but is fillet steak the same as filet mignon?

Yes, for the most part. However, while both cuts come from the tenderloin area of the cow, these steaks have small differences between them.

Let’s look at each one to see how they differ in flavor and texture.

Where Does The Word Filet Mignon Come From?

Filet Mignon is the French word that means “dainty fillet.”

However, this cut of beef is far from dainty. It’s actually the most tender cut of beef you can get, which is why it’s one of the most popular steaks people order at restaurants.

Filet Mignon comes from the smaller end of the tenderloin, also known as the beef loin.

The tenderloin is surrounded by another muscle called the psoas major, which you can see on your steak if it has been removed from its original section.

When you cut into a filet mignon, you may notice that it isn’t perfect. The shape of this cut of steak is not symmetrical and maybe a bit uneven and stringy.

That’s because this cut is made up of several different parts of the tenderloin, but it will still deliver maximum flavor.

The filet mignon also has more internal fat than other cuts, which means that you can cook with low heat to retain moisture.

What Does Fillet Steak Mean?

The word fillet is French for “strip,” which refers to the fact that this cut of steak comes from the tenderloin. Just like filet mignon, it’s full of flavor and very tender.

However, while you can get a version of filet mignon that is not removed from its original section, you will never see a fillet steak attached to the psoas major.

This cut of beef is similar in shape to filet mignon, but it’s denser because all of the connective tissue has been left intact.

That means that this particular version of the tenderloin will be slightly chewier than the others.

When you cook your fillet steak, it’s best to use a higher temperature and only leave the steak in the pan for a short time. When you slow-cook or grill this cut of beef, it can become tough and dry.

This is one of the reasons why people love having a fillet steak at their favorite fine-dining restaurant. They know that the steak will be cooked perfectly and won’t cost them too much.

Is There Any Difference Between The Two?

When it comes to the differences between Filet Steak and Filet Mignon, there is actually very little difference.

Both come from the tenderloin of the cow and deliver a great taste when cooked properly.

Most people will say that, when it comes down to it, there’s no way to tell which cut you’re eating unless you know the farmer who raised the cow.

It all comes down to personal preference and how you like to eat your steak.

If you want a tender cut of meat that doesn’t require much chewing, go for the filet mignon.

If you like it a little chewier and don’t mind the slightly stringy look, stick with the filet steak.

One thing is clear: both cuts are very healthy for you and offer many different ways to cook them.

What Cut Is Similar To Filet Mignon?

Filet Mignon is one of the most delicious steaks that money can buy, but it does cost a premium price so it’s common for people to look for a similar cut but at a lower price.

One of the best cuts that you can find is tenderloin, which is sometimes also called filet mignon steak.

When comparing the prices of these two steaks, you may notice that filet mignon goes for as much as twice as much as some tenderloin cuts.

Why Is Filet Mignon Expensive?

When you buy a filet mignon, it’s important to realize what you’re paying for and why the steak is so expensive.

First of all, this cut delivers maximum tenderness and flavor. It comes from one of the most tender parts of the cow and has a very small amount of connective tissue.

Second, this steak is so tender that you don’t need to cut it with a knife. You can easily pull apart big chunks of meat by hand and enjoy the delicious flavor without difficulty.

Finally, filet mignon also delivers maximum nourishment in every bite.

If Filet Mignon Is So Expensive, Why Do People Eat It?

Filet mignon is one of the most popular steaks on the market. For those who love to dine out, it’s important to find something delicious and unique for a meal.

That’s why many people enjoy taking their significant other to a fine-dining restaurant.

They can order filet mignon and impress their date with the fact that they know how to eat this high-end cut of meat properly.

Some people even enjoy eating it on their own, because they want to feel like royalty for an evening.

The best part is, when you order filet mignon at a restaurant, you’ll have the opportunity to choose how you want it cooked.

This means that you can get an extra-rare filet mignon if you want to enjoy all of the flavors without any risk of ingesting harmful bacteria.

What Does Filet Mignon Taste Like?

It’s tricky to describe the taste of Filet Mignon because it really depends on how it’s prepared.

If you choose to have your filet mignon rare, you’ll notice that the steak will melt in your mouth. It will be incredibly soft and delicious.

However, if you cook this particular cut until it becomes medium or well-done, the taste will change quite a bit. You’ll lose some of the tenderness and may notice more fat on your steak.

Some people prefer having their filet mignon rare, since they enjoy the unique experience of enjoying a tender piece of meat that’s not only delicious but also easy to chew.

Others like having it medium or well-done because these cooks offer a slightly different taste.

Other Considerations

It’s worth keeping in mind that some people don’t enjoy the taste of filet mignon as much as other cuts.

Some people think that it lacks a little bit of flavor and prefer to have a different cut that has a stronger taste.

If you’re one of those people, you might want to check out some steak sauce options before you eat your filet.

My personal favorite is peppercorn, it really compliments the Filet Mignon and you can add it to any cut of steak.

However, when you’re making the decision between filet mignon vs tenderloin, consider all of your options.

You might enjoy a strip steak or a ribeye steak more than either one of these cuts, but it’s important for everyone to choose something that makes them happy.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to do some research before you make your decision.


In conclusion, Filet Steak and Filet Mignon are commonly known as the same cut of steak.

However, there are subtle differences between the two as we have gone through above.

It’s important to know the difference so that you’re happy with your choice of steak and feel confident in the flavors and preparation method.

If you’re not looking to spend as much as filet mignon costs, don’t worry there are many other delicious cuts of steak available at a lower price!

And if history has taught us anything, it’s that they taste just as good, if not better!

Thank you for reading, I hope this has been helpful.

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