What Is Feather Blade Steak?

what is feather blade steak

Trying to find out what is feather blade steak?

If so, you’re in the right place! In this post, we’re going to go through everything you’ll need to know about this cut.

Feather blade steak is a cut of beef taken from the back portion of the cow.

The beef comes from the scapula, which is located in between the top round and bottom round cuts.

This area produces some unnaturally large cuts, which are often ground up for hamburger meat, but feather blade steaks are left whole because they’re too large to pass through the grinder.

It’s a very lean cut of beef that has an incredible amount of flavor and is seen as a luxurious meat choice.

Let’s take a closer look…

What Exactly Is Feather Blade Steak?

Feather blade steak is a cut of meat that comes from the feather blade roast.

This is located directly behind the prime rib. This cut can be divided up into two pieces; feather blade steak and t-bone steak.

The t-bone is located on one end of the roast, while feather blade steaks are found at the other end.

An entire feather blade roast weighs about 32 pounds and yields roughly 22 steaks.

The beef should be bright red in color with a layer of marbling throughout the meat.

Marbling refers to the white flecks of fat that can be seen running through the beef when it is cut open.

Feather blade steak is not too common, but can be found in most high-end butcher shops.

It is often one of the most expensive cut of meat on the cow, and has become a delicacy in recent years.

How Is Feather Blade Steak Best Cooked?

Cooking feather blade steak is relatively easy, but it does take longer than most cuts of meat.

It can be cooked at a high temperature for a short period of time, but will become tough if overcooked.

The best way to cook feather blade steaks is when they’re grilled over medium heat for an extended amount of time. This will ensure the meat is tender and flavorful.

Ensure that you preheat the grill for around 15 minutes with the lid closed to achieve optimal cook times.

Be sure to cook this cut of beef to at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it will be slightly pink in the middle.

How Is Feather Blade Steak Best Prepared?

Preparing feather blade steak is not too difficult, but there are a few things you can do to ensure the meat is as tender as possible.

First of all, it’s best to remove any excess fat from the outside of the cut before cooking it.

When this fat is heated up during cooking, it will release a foul smell and flavor that won’t taste very nice.

To remove the excess fat, simply use some paper towels to wipe it off until there’s no more visible fat on the outside of the steak.

It’s also important to let this cut marinate before cooking it.

Marinating for around three hours will allow the meat time to absorb enough flavor and moisture before you cook it.

It’s best to use a marinade made from oil, vinegar, butter, or other flavorful ingredients that will give the meat an amazing taste when it’s cooked.

To create your own marinade you should combine one part olive oil with four parts red wine vinegar.

Season the cut of meat with salt, pepper, and any other ingredients you want to add.

This is also a good time to begin heating up the grill on medium heat.

How Is Feather Blade Steak Best Served?

Serving this cut of beef is also simple.

It’s already full of flavor, so it simply needs to be served with a side dish that compliments the meat.

One of the most common ways to serve this cut is by adding some mushrooms or onions to the steak after it has been cooked.

You can also use blue cheese sauce, bordelaise sauce, or other rich sauces that will go great with the steak.

Feather blade steaks can also be served without any additional ingredients for those who like simple but flavorful meat.

It’s important to let this cut of beef rest before slicing it to keep all the juices inside and prevent them from spilling out onto your plate.

When the meat is cut open you’ll notice it’s very tender and moist, which means you don’t want to dry it out before serving.

Allow the steak to sit for around five minutes after cooking so that the beef can rest and all of the juices will stay within.

This resting period can be extended up to 20 minutes if needed.

The meat should be served directly after the resting period so that the juices don’t dry out.

You can serve this cut of beef with your favorite side dishes, but it’s best to avoid rice or mashed potatoes because they will detract from the flavors in this food.

A baked potato or salad would go great on the side of a feather blade steak.

How Expensive Is Feather Blade Steak?

The price of feather blade steak varies from region to region, but it’s usually moderately priced.

In the US this cut of beef is often referred to as top blade steak or flat iron steak and it will cost between $10 and $15 per pound in most stores.

Many people choose not to pay this price for a typical boneless cut of meat because they think there’s nothing special about it.

However, this cut of beef will provide a unique and delicious flavor that can’t be found in more expensive cuts like filet mignon or T-bone steak.

For those who love beef but want to save money, there’s no reason not to try this flavorful cut of meat.

What Does Feather Blade Steak Taste Like?

Feather blade steak has a taste all of its own, but it’s not very different from other cuts of beef.

It is relatively lean, making it more savory than other cuts that contain more marbling.  

The texture can be best described as tender and soft, with the flavor being very rich.

What Is The Nutritional Value Of Feather Blade Steak?

It’s always a good idea to understand what you’re eating before consuming it.

That’s why investigating the nutritional value of a food is a good way to be healthier and have a better understanding of what you’re eating.

Below is the nutritional value of one serving of Feather Blade Steak (100g):

  • Calories = 222
  • Fat = 13g
  • Saturated Fat = 5g
  • Carbohydrates = 0
  • Sugar = 0
  • Protein = 25g

As you can see this cut has a decent amount of protein and is only 222 calories per serving.

This makes feather blade steak a good option for those who follow a calorie-restricted diet or want to limit their intake of carbohydrates and fat.

Is Feather Blade Steak Healthy?

Feather blade steak is not considered the healthiest cut of beef, but it’s also not the unhealthiest.

It has very little carbohydrate content and is low in fat as well, but it is still red meat that should be consumed in moderation by those following a restricted diet.

Feather blade steak does contain an important amount of protein, which will help consumers feel satiated after eating and reduce feelings of hunger as well as cravings for other foods.

Other Considerations

It’s worth keeping in mind that this cut is not always easy to find in grocery stores.

Even when it is sold at the store, feather blade steak will often be ignored by shoppers because it’s not a very popular cut of beef.

This means that you’ll need to be willing to shop around if you’re looking for this particular cut of meat.

Feather blade steak is a flavorful cut that doesn’t cost too much money, but it isn’t the easiest to find.

If you enjoy beef and are looking for something new at your local store this might be the perfect food for you.

If you struggle to find it in your local grocery store then have a look online to see if you can find a better deal.

This will certainly be worth your time, especially if you enjoy the flavor of beef and are looking for something new to try.


In conclusion, Feather Blade Steak is a great-tasting cut of beef that can be enjoyed by anyone.

It provides an interesting flavor and texture to the meat that’s different from the regular cuts of steak, but it’s worth trying if you’ve never had it before. 

If you’re looking for something new at your local store then look out for this cut of meat, especially if you enjoy leaner cuts like sirloin or flank steak.

The price is reasonable and the flavor is great, so what do you have to lose?

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I hope you’ve learned something about feather blade steak in this article.

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