What Steak Is Best For Stir Fry?

what steak is best for stir fry

There’s nothing that quite beats a stir fry on a cold evening. It’s quick and easy to prepare and makes use of food that you probably already have in the fridge.

But what steak is best for stir fry?

That depends on how long you want to cook for, and is what we are going to explore in this article.

Let’s take a closer look…

What Is The Best Steak Cut For Stir Fry?

Flank steak is without question the most popular choice when it comes to stir fry.

This is because it is a long and flat cut, which is not too thick and cooks very quickly.

It’s also relatively cheap when compared to other steak cuts, which makes it great for cooking on a budget.

Flank steak is also very lean and doesn’t need to be cooked for too long or with anything specific added to the mix.

There are two main reasons why flank steak is so popular for stir fry.

The first is that it is a long and flat cut of beef, with a layer of fat running through the middle.

This makes it ideal for cooking on a wok or skillet because you’re able to sear one side over high heat, then flip the steak with ease before searing the other side.

This high heat ensures that the beef is cooked within minutes.

The second reason that flank steak is so popular for stir fry has to do with the fact that it’s relatively cheap when compared to other cuts of meat, which makes it great for cooking on a budget.

Flank steak usually comes under the ‘bargain’ section at the local supermarket, so if you are looking for a cheap cut of beef that won’t take too long to cook, this is certainly it.

Of course, flank steak isn’t totally perfect…

The one downside with this type of steak is that it has a rather fibrous texture once it’s cooked, which some people don’t like.

This can make it a bit tough to eat if you are trying to enjoy the full flavor of the beef, but want something that isn’t overcooked.

You’ll also need to cut across the grain when cooking this type of steak or you will have major issues when you try and cut it afterward.

How To Cook Steak For A Stir Fry

Cooking up a beautiful stir fry doesn’t take too long, but it does require some preparation to ensure that you get the perfect dish.

Here’s what you need to do…

Step 1 – Prepare The Flank Steak

First of all, prepare the flank steak by cutting it into thin slices across the grain using a sharp knife.

You do this by positioning the flank steak so that it is facing in one direction, with the grain running along the length of it.

Then you simply start cutting into this strip at a 45-degree angle.

Cut slowly and use decent amounts of pressure to ensure that your knife goes through easily.

Once you have all your slices prepared, it’s time to season them.

Step 2 – Season The Steak

Next, it’s a good idea to season the steak slices with a pinch of salt and pepper before cooking for your stir fry dish.

Step 3 – Cook The Beef In A Wok Or Large Frying Pan

After that, heat up a wok or large frying pan over high heat.

Add some sesame oil to the wok, then throw the steak slices into the hot frying pan.

Cook these for around 1-2 minutes on each side until they are browned all over.

Once that is done, remove them from the pan and set them aside.

Step 4 – Add The Vegetables

Next, add your desired vegetables to the wok.

You can use whatever you have in the fridge at this point.

However, some of the best options include onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms.

Throw these into the wok and sauté them for a few minutes until they start to brown.

Step 5 – Add The Sauce

Once you are happy with the color of your vegetables, it’s time to add your sauce.

Again, this is entirely up to you at this point.

Some good options for stir fry include oyster sauce, soy sauce, and sesame oil (for a Thai-style dish).

You simply add the sauce to the mix and leave it simmering for a couple of minutes.

Step 6 – Serve Up The Stir Fry Dish

After that, you are ready to serve up your dish.  Use some boiled or steamed rice to complete your meal.

It’s best to serve the stir fry alongside other dishes, such as spring rolls and fried dumplings.

This gives your meal a better range of flavors and textures, plus it looks really great on the plate!

I hope that I’ve given you a good reason to try out this tasty dish by suggesting flank steak as the meat base for your stir fry.

It’s easy to make and tastes amazing!

Can I Use Other Steak Cuts For Stir Fry?

Of course, Flank steak is the only cut that I would recommend for stir fry. Other types of steak can work just as well…

Using a different cut for this dish usually depends on what it is you want out of the finished product and how much money you are willing to spend.

Here are some other great cuts of steak for cooking stir fry:

  • Rib-eye
  • Sirloin
  • Tri-tip
  • Top loin
  • Flat iron

These are all great options if you want to have a stir fry meal that is full of flavor and texture.

Other Considerations

It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t need to use actual steak for this dish.

You can also use other types of beef for stir-fries, such as ground meat or stew chunks.

This is especially helpful if you are trying to save money on your meal.

Stew meat is normally pretty tough, so it does require some tenderizing before you can cook it.

I recommend that you add some cornstarch to the stew meat while it is marinating, and stir fry it in batches so that you can give it plenty of time to cook through while making sure that the mixture doesn’t burn.

You could even use a cheaper cut for this dish if you wanted to save yourself some money and the taste of the food is still on point.

A lot of people who are watching their budget use stew meat to help reduce the cost of any dish, especially stir fry.


In conclusion, the best steak for stir fry is Flank steak.

However, there are many other options that you can choose from.

If you pick the right cut, then you will have a tasty dish that everyone at the table will enjoy!

I hope that you found this article useful and it has given you some inspiration for creating your own stir fry meals in the future!

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and feel free to share it with a friend.

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