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what is cowboy steak

Ever had a cowboy steak? If not, it’s time to hoof it over to the nearest grill!

But what is cowboy steak? In short, it’s a cut of steak from the cow’s underbelly.

This cut is full of marbling, which makes it very flavorful and tender. Because it has so much fat running through it, the meat tends to be on the greasier side as well.

It is usually grilled, broiled, or fried to perfection.

Cowboy steak can also be referred to as a “butler’s steak” because it was the preferred cut of beef for English butlers.

However, there is much more to learn?

Let’s get into it…

What Exactly Is Cowboy Steak?

This cut of meat comes from the underside of the cow.

It is full of sinew and connective tissue that becomes very tender when cooked properly.

Because it has so much rich flavor, it is often marinated before cooking to enhance its overall taste.

This steak can also be from other parts of a cow’s body as well, depending on the breed.

For example, a butler’s steak can also come from the shoulder or buttock of a cow as well.

However, the most common cut is from the belly area. This cut is often called a “buster” as well.

How Is Cowboy Steak Best Cooked?

There is a wide range of ways to prepare and cook this cut of steak.

If you want the most marbling and flavor, we recommend cooking it very rare or medium rare.

Because this cut contains so much fat and connective tissue, it will be incredibly tender and easy to chew if cooked right.

If you don’t like the insides of your steak to be pink, cook it medium or well done.

In some cases, it is also common to marinate this cut of meat before cooking.

Cowboy steak can be cooked with and without marinade and still taste delicious!

How Is Cowboy Steak Best Prepared?

Preparing cowboy steak is straightforward.

First, start by cutting the meat into desired serving sizes. It’s best to cut it against the grain with a sharp knife.

Then, you’ll want to season your steaks prior to cooking them. A good seasoning consists of kosher salt and pepper or any other combination that suits your fancy!

Now, it’s time to start cooking! There are a number of ways you can cook your cowboy steak, so choose whatever method works for you.

You can grill it on the barbecue or even fry or broil it in the kitchen. Broiling is great because it creates a nice char on the outside of the meat.

How Is Cowboy Steak Best Served?

Serving your cowboy steak is all about presentation!

Because this cut of meat tends to be on the greasier side, it must be served with a slotted spoon.

On top of your cowboy steak, add a nice dollop of butter and enjoy!

Delicious sides include mashed potatoes, roast vegetables, or even some simple garlic bread.

How Expensive Is Cowboy Steak?

The cost of cowboy steak is all over the map. It varies by season, region, and availability.

These steaks have a very rich flavor because they are full of sinew and marbling.

Because it is so popular for grilling at summer barbecues, it can be a bit more expensive during the summer months.

For example, it can cost anywhere from $7 to $30 per pound depending on where you live and when you purchase it.

This is an expensive cut of meat, but once you taste how good it is, we think that the high price is worth it!

Where Is Cowboy Steak Commonly Found?

Cowboy steak is a cut that is most commonly found in the United States, specifically in places like Texas and Colorado.

In fact, these two states have a long history with cowboy steak. Along with lobster, they are the only other foods to be named after a state.

In most other countries, this cut of meat is not as popular or readily available. The highest demand for this type of steak comes from Asian countries.

In countries like Japan, Australia, and India, this cut of meat is commonly marinated in soy sauce to add great flavor.

Are There Any Other Names For Cowboy Steak?

There are two other common names for cowboy steak: butler’s steak and butt steak.

These names all come from the same cut of meat, which is typically from the belly of an animal.

Butler’s steak comes from the cut that butlers tend to serve because it tends to be tender and juicy.

Butt steak is often called this as well, and it refers to the area on a cow where this cut of meat can be found.

What Is the Difference Between Butler’s Steak and Cowboy Steak?

While butler’s steak and cowboy steak are both from the area around a cow’s belly, there is one key difference that separates the two cuts.

Butler’s steak tends to be cut up into smaller pieces which makes it thicker than a cowboy steak. This means that you may need multiple pieces of butler’s steak to equal the length of one cowboy steak.

There are also subtle differences in how each type of steak is prepared! Butler’s steak tends to be used more for grilling, whereas cowboy steaks are usually fried or broiled.

What Is The Nutritional Value Of Cowboy Steak?

As with all types of food, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on the nutritional value of cowboy steak.

These steaks are high in protein and low in cholesterol, making them great for anyone who is on a low-fat diet.

They also contain Vitamin A, B6, B12, E, K2, niacin, selenium, and zinc among other minerals.

They provide moderate amounts of iron and phosphorus, which help the body produce red blood cells.

All of these minerals and nutrients make cowboy steak a great choice for anyone who wants to eat healthy!

Below is the nutritional value of one serving of Cowboy Steak (190g):

  • Calories = 267
  • Fat = 11g
  • Saturated Fat = 4g
  • Carbohydrates = 0
  • Sugar = 0
  • Protein = 37g

As you can see, this cut is low in calories but very high in protein which makes it a fan favorite for those looking to pack on some muscle.

This cut also contains zero sugar, so it’s a great choice for people who are monitoring their blood sugar or simply want to cut back on the amount of sugar they eat.

Other Considerations

It’s a good idea to keep in mind that cowboy steak is a cut of meat that comes from the belly of the cow, which means there is some fat content.

However, these fatty pieces of meat are also high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which help keep the body healthy by improving blood flow and reduce inflammation for those with chronic health conditions.

It’s also worth noting that cowboy steak can be tough if you try to cook it too fast, so watch your timing!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, cowboy steak is a cut of meat that comes from the belly of a cow and tends to be marinated before cooking.  It’s high in protein, low in sugar, and contains Omega-3 acids. It is commonly found in places like Texas and Colorado but can also be found at specialty grocers in other countries.

It’s important to note, however, that the nutritional value of this type of steak is going to vary depending on how it’s prepared and what cut you use.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I hope you’ve learned something new about Cowboy steak.

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