What Is Steak Frites?

what is steak frites

Have you heard the term steak frites been used recently and are wondering what it means? If so, we’ve got you covered.

In this post, we answer “what is steak frites?”, to finally put end to the endless questions we are asked on this matter.

In a nutshell, steak frites is a simple dish that consists of a steak and french fries. However, that doesn’t really explain what this dish is all about.

For the full low-down on steak frites, keep reading…

What Exactly Is Steak Frites?

This is a quintessentially French dish consisting of steak and french fries.

It’s no coincidence that this dish has resonated so much with Americans, considering the U.S.’s long-standing love affair with all things France.

The steak can be replaced with other beef cuts or even chicken or pork chops. The only requirement is that the dish is served with a side of french fries or pomme frites.

Aside from steak and fries, this dish is often served with a little bearnaise sauce on top for more flavor.

Steak frites is incredibly popular in france and this is why people from all over the world love to eat it.

It’s a simple and effective meal that is enjoyed all over the world, and is sometimes even labeled as fast food. However, if you dig deeper into the origins of steak frites, it’s clear that this dish is quite refined and deserves its place on any fine meal menu.

The dish was born in Parisian bistros but has since become popular abroad thanks to influential chefs like Julia Child who introduced Americans to French food some time ago.

In French, steak frites simply means “steak and fries.” This implies a very simple dish with few ingredients, suitable for any time of the day.

The most famous version served is a traditional piece of steak that has been cooked to perfection and served with crispy French fries on the side.

Where Does The Term Steak Frites Come From?

If you haven’t already guessed it, steak frites comes from France.

The term frites in this case simply refers to French fries. It is easy to see how the name became so widespread across America and around the world considering that French cuisine has been exported for over centuries.

The dish known as steak frites is relatively simple, but there are variations you can find depending on where you go.

For example, in France, one would often see the addition of Béarnaise sauce alongside the meat, but this isn’t always standard.

What About Side Dishes?

Side dishes are simple with steak frites as well. Typically just a basic green salad or perhaps some sliced tomato is served on the side next to those delicious French fries.

You can also find some side dishes that get more creative like breaded and fried mushrooms or perhaps roasted vegetables.

What Cut Of Steak Do The French Use For Steak Frites?

Choosing steak frites as an option is a great idea, but what cut of steak is best to use for this dish?

Well, a lot of people love a great filet mignon steak with their frites, but the French tend to use a cut known as the entrecôte, which is basically an English cut of meat.

It’s also known as the rib eye.

Steak frites can generally be served with any cut of steak that you prefer, but if you’re going to do it the French way, then entrecôte is definitely your best choice.

What Type Of Fries Do People In France Serve With Steak Frites?

The French don’t just simply go with standard fried potatoes. Instead, they usually use a special type of fry known as pomme frites.

These are specially cut with the skin left on, and they don’t really end up looking like your standard American fry.

Instead, you’ll often find them to be a little crunchier than normal fries, but not quite as crisp as potato chips. Obviously, these are best served hot and fresh out of the deep fryer.

These can be found in many different types of cafes and restaurants throughout France, but they’re certainly not the only option.

Some people might prefer to get their steak frites with a side of chunky fries instead.

This is especially true in places like Belgium, where you can find all kinds of different variations on these two dishes.

Is Steak Frites An Expensive Dish?

The price of steak frites is largely going to depend on where you’re dining.

That said, it’s common to find them for between $20 – $30 depending on the cut of steak you choose.

If you’re looking for an expensive steak frites experience, there are places like Paris’ Le Relais de l’Entrecote .

Rather than simply listing their prices, they’ve created a fixed menu with two options: steak frites with a glass of wine for $28 or steak frites and a half-bottle of wine for $35.

Though the restaurant is very popular with tourists, there’s also a long waitlist to be seated.

If you go here, not only will you get some excellent steaks and fries – your wallet will thank you for not spending so much money anywhere else.

Other Considerations

It’s worth keeping in mind that steak frites is not always available everywhere.

If you don’t speak the language, your options may be limited to words like bifteck and entrecote and if you’re looking for a manageable portion size or low-fat alternative, then ordering meat with fries can sometimes prove problematic.

However, if this is what you’re craving – then go for it!

As long as you pick a reputable restaurant, you should have nothing to worry about.

If you’re outside of the US, you’ll be glad to know that steak frites is usually pretty easy to find.

This dish is common in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Netherlands, in fact.

If you’re looking to order steak frites in France, then it’s important to know that the dish is much more than just steak with fries.

The French are known for their love of rich foods, flavorful sauces, and quality meat cuts – so if you want to try this dish then it’s important to keep all of this in mind.

However, if you’re just looking for a quick bite then you can expect steak frites to be served with your choice of sauce (usually béarnaise or Roquefort), fries, and possibly even vegetables.

A common misconception is that steak frites must always be served with French fries, which isn’t true at all – in France, they are often served with pomme frites (chunky thick-cut French fries), but it’s just as common for them to come with boiled potatoes or thick-cut chips.


As a whole, steak frites is a dish that is enjoyed by many across the globe. It’s as simple as steak and chips, but also as elegant as Las Vegas restaurant menus can get.

Steak Frites is a staple menu item at many restaurants, especially those that aim to serve fine-dining quality food quickly and efficiently.

It’s also common for steak frites to be offered in family-style portions, making this dish perfect for sharing with friends and loved ones alike!

So now you know what steak frites is, where it comes from, and how it is served today!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I hope we’ve answered your question of “what is steak frites?”.

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